Smart School Safety & Security

Smart School Safety & Security is a unique solution developed in Finnish schools for real-time crisis communication, production and management of emergency plans, safety trainings as well as alarm signaling in crisis situations.


A system which staff can use to signal an alarm to mobile devices with their own mobile phones.


Real-time info and communication to students´ phones in crisis situations.


The safety and emergency plans of the school or as a workbook-based online course.

Mobile Alarm

The service speeds up alarm signaling significantly, as any member of the staff can signal an alarm with a single touch of a button on their own mobile devices regardless of time or location. The alarm sends a voice alarm to the mobile application downloaded by students and staff, while displaying a flashing screen with the message “Alarm – move to safety channel”. Likewise, calls to public-safety answering points (PSAP) as well as posting initial procedures and instructions on the service´s secured safety channel can be done with just a single touch of a button.

Crisis Communication

The Safety Channel is a password-protected, real-time mobile communication channel, onto which content is updated in real-time through staff´s own mobile devices. The safety channel also gives the emergency response teams and police real-time target information while they´re on their way to the objective. All necessary information on the objective, including pictures and 360-videos, can be found on the channel.

Safety Plan & Training

The Smart School Safety & Security –system includes a safety plan template developed in Finnish schools as a workbook-based online course, which schools can utilize to build a highly-varied safety training material localized for the individual school. The finished safety course follows the Social Micro Learning principle and is thus easily consumed with the staff´s own mobile devices, regardless of time and place. Certificates are awarded upon successful completion, which can be used to demonstrate the safety know-how of the school staff.